At PROJECT. we have made it our mission to source highly sought after sneakers for our customers that have not been lucky enough to secure them for themselves. 

PROJECT. has delivered individually sourced sneakers to thousands of customers. If we don't 'stock' the sneaker online this does not mean we can't get a pair to you.

We source our product from all around the world and have been working with verified resellers & consigners within the industry for the past 5 years. All products sold through PROJECT. are 100% authentic & verified.

If you are on the hunt for a particular sneaker, please send an enquiry below and we can get back to you with expected price, condition & turnaround expectations. 

Please ensure you include all your required contact details including the sneaker details below:

Item Style & Colour 
Item Size (US/UK/EU)
Preferred Condition (DS/Slightly Worn)
Maximum Price

*Unfortunately we can not guarantee we will find your product, due to the nature of limited releases, high demand & customer specific circumstances. We will however give it our best go!