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Sneaker Raffle

Jordan 3 Retro UNC (2020)



Add to cart the number of slots you wish to enter with. 
Please make sure your contact details at checkout are correct. 
Pay the slot amount. 
Sit back and wait for the slots to fill and the raffle to be drawn. 
    Each raffle tells you what exactly you are entering to win. This is a game of chance. When you buy a slot, you’re buying into the chance of securing that item, it is not guaranteed you will be the winner of the sneaker. No slot purchases will be refunded. There will only be 1x winner. 

    More raffle slots purchased, means more chances to win the raffled shoe. Once we have hit the set raffle amount no more entries will be taken. There is no determined time-frame of when the slots will fill.

    You’re odds are better, you’re investment is lower and you’re time is saved.

    Transparency is everything. We will tell you exactly how many raffle spots are available and at what price. Our aim is to make it easier for our customer to get their hands on a pair of sneakers at an insane price. You are eligible to enter as many times as you like (until we hit the raffle spot amount).

    Winners are chosen 100% randomly. Once all the spots in the raffle are filled, we will use an independent site to randomize the list. 

    Raffles will be drawn within 24 hours of slots being filled. The winner will be contacted directly via email. All unsuccessful entrants will also be contacted via email to confirm the raffle has ended and winner has been drawn. PROJECT. will also disclose raffle ending & winner on Instagram. 

    This raffle is regulated under the QLD 
    Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.